OT: Alien OS "security" issues :)

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Mon Jun 24 03:32:02 GMT 2002

> I rember also dos had some sort of assign but not sure.

"subst" or like yes ?

Kinda funny that AmigaOS is far superior to dos
that I still find in production enviroment ;)

Is there an cygnus/dos port of samba ? =D
> Why not simply considering this assigns as some sort of 
> symbolic links?
> and use the follow symlink parameters?

Good suggestion :)

Could try link this to this procedure/code.
I have yett to test how symbolic links works in AmigaOS.

I belive cygnus kit for windows using some env thing
to keep track of emulated sym links as NTFS for some
devine reason don't have this built in.

Kinda the same thing.

Most filesystems on Amigs OS do _support_ Sym-linking,
even the built in one.

It's rumoured to be buggy tho, and kinda boring to play
with samba on amiga now as I only get 40 kb/s ATM :)

Thank you for your feedback and open mindness around my hobby OS.


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