Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Jun 19 00:21:02 GMT 2002

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 09:15:31AM +0300, Osman Tufanogullari (Garanti Teknoloji) wrote:

> Many Thanks Tim for your quick response...
> After sending the mail below, I ran Winbindd with -d3 -i options and i saw that winbindd was looking for the PDCs' IP adresses of the trusted domains... The first file winbindd was looking into was lmhosts...
> So, I wrote the domain controllers' IP adresses of the trusted domains into the lmhosts file in the format 
> IPadrssofPDC Domain-Name
> This fixed the problem... 

Hmm - this may indicate a WINS related problem on your network.  I'm
glad you got it working though.  (-:

> But there is another problem now... Our company has ten thousands of user and thousands of groups.. user count is about 15000...
> Sometimes winbindd crashes...I run winbindd deamon, but sometimes later when i use ps -ef, i cannot see ./winbindd in the list. It kills itself somehow but i dont know... But sometimes it is in the list running for hours...

Bummer - can you get a stack backtrace of winbindd crashing?

> One more question. Today i also work on it but when you look into a share's properties on NT or 2000 desktop, there is a Security tab on this panel... 
> If you have a share on a linux server ( intented to use as a file & print server ), from a windows NT or 2000 desktop,
> Can we define security  parameters (adding and deleting user with read/write rights) using that panel?

I think share level security is supported in the 2.2 series of Samba.
Give it a try and find out!


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