proposal: libsmbclient functionality addition

Tom Jansen tom at
Tue Jun 18 09:28:08 GMT 2002


> Here, I want to make it possible for people do do:
>   smbc_handle1 = smbc_init(client_name1);
>     ... a bunch of ops using smbc_handle1;
>   smbc_handle2 = smbc_init(client_name1);
>     ... a bunch of ops using smbc_handle2
> That is, a single program can pretend to be multiple clients.

I can make some time to help you implement this stuff if you would like that. 
I've got a few extra questions about that too:

o Will all smbc_* functions get the handle when called ?
o Will the filetables still be global or will they be handle specific ? (Global
is better IMHO. That way, only connection-initializing functions like smbc_open
need the handle. And this eases porting to the "future"-libsmbclient)

Furthermore, my upcoming patch (for the suggestions that started this thread) is
coming along nicely. I'm busy cleaning it up to match the samba-code-style. 

Some new features:
o The cache system is different now. By default the internal cache system is
used but that is changeable. (I will explain this beter when the patch arrives)
o The servers are organized in a server_table now and have filedescriptors so we
don't have to give internal information to an externa cache system. (I think
this approach eases the change to the "handle-system" you mentioned above.) 
o Checking of the server connection before it will be pulled out of cache.
o Transparant reconnects upon failures. 

Please, if you (Richard, the samba-technical people) have any suggestions, speak.

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Ninja ISD  --

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