[Samba] spoolss back connections to client

Tom Vandepoel tom.vandepoel at be.ubizen.com
Wed Jun 12 00:19:56 GMT 2002

>>Better to just comment out the SPOOLSS_RFFPCN and SPOOLSS_RFNPCN
>>server functions.  However, certain changes will not be reflected on
>>the client such as josb listings, etc....
>>btw....this is MS's model.  You'll have the same problem with
>>a Win2k print server.  I do agree that it is a brain dead design...
> Thought so; just wanted to make sure I didn't cripple something
> essential.
> I pretty much don't care about updating job listings, so I guess I will
> disable this in the source.
> I'll let you know how it reacts ;-)
> Might be usefull to have an smb.conf option for this, if this proves
> stable ;-)

Ok, did this:

# diff srv_spoolss.c srv_spoolss.c.orig
< /* {"SPOOLSS_RFFPCNEX",                  SPOOLSS_RFFPCNEX, 
       api_spoolss_rffpcnex                  }, */
< /* {"SPOOLSS_RFNPCNEX",                  SPOOLSS_RFNPCNEX, 
       api_spoolss_rfnpcnex                  }, */
 >  {"SPOOLSS_RFFPCNEX",                  SPOOLSS_RFFPCNEX, 
      api_spoolss_rffpcnex                  },
 >  {"SPOOLSS_RFNPCNEX",                  SPOOLSS_RFNPCNEX, 
      api_spoolss_rfnpcnex                  },

Running this since yesterday now. All printing functionality that worked 
before still seems to work. Might even have speeded up connecting to 
printers; it seems to me anyway, but that might be purely psychological ;-)

Anyway, an smb.conf option for this would be nice. I guess a lot of 
people have been wondering how to disable this annoying behavior ;-)

Still, it must be frustrating to have implemented this, so samba mimicks 
  M$ behavior as much as possible and then people start asking to turn 
it off... I do appreciate the work, I just don't like the functionality. 
At least with Samba I have the choice to rip it out <G>



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