How to *use* multiple GigE adapters into a single PC

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> ServerWorks Grand Champion HE chipset supports dual Pentium 4 
> processors.  There's 3.2 GB/s to each proc, and with quad-interleaved 
> DDR memory, you've got a 6.4 GB/s memory bandwidth.
> Compaq's DL530 and ML580 seem to fit what you're looking for.  They 
> have 4 100MHz 64bit PCI-X busses.  The ML580 has 7 64-bit PCI-X slots.
> For a single processor system, I think the FSB becomes the bottleneck, 
> at 3.2 GB/s (that's GigaBit, right?).  So that would be 400 

Shouldn't that be 3.2 GigaByte/Sec? (GB = GigaByte and Gb = Gigabit)

> MegaBytes/sec.  (4) 117 MegaByte/sec connections would be 468 MByte/sec.

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