Different roaming profiles for the terminalserver and the other PCs

Brian M Hoy Brian.Hoy at opus.co.nz
Sun Jul 21 19:29:01 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I saw the post below a while back and it never got a satisfactory answer
to my knowledge.

Please would a Samba guru (or two!) comment on it, and I am in the same
situation as Johanna and would be grateful for some suggestions on this



From: Johanna Erlmeier (johanna.erlmeier at hotmail.de)
Subject: Different roaming profiles for the terminalserver and the other
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Date: 2002-05-19 10:25:32 PST


I'm having a network of thirty PCs with Windows XP Professional,
one Windows 2000 terminalserver (Service Pack 2) and one
Fileserver with Debian Linux and Samba Version 2.4.

I want to switch to roaming profiles, currently the situation

The linuxserver is PDC.
Every user has a Windows-XP computer which is in the domain,
they are all having local profiles.
The terminalserver is also part of the domain, and every
user has his own profile there, too.

What I want to have is:
I want to have the possibility that the users can move around
between their XP-Pcs, so there should be roaming profiles for

The fact that the Terminalserver profiles are _different_
and separated from the other profiles must be kept!

Then I want to install a second Windows 2000 terminalserver
as a backup system. I want to have the same set of profiles on
both terminalservers, because when the first server has
a harddisc crash, I can continue with the second one
without loosing profiles. So I want roaming profiles for them, too.

But because of the different OS and also other reasons (different
set of installed programms, ...) I want to have two separate
sets of roaming profiles:
One for the XP-PCs and one for both terminalservers.

My question:
How to do this in samba?
If I use the local user manager on a Windows 2000 Terminalserver,
I can give each local (test-)user a special profile for use with
terminalserver which is separate from the default profilepath.
So the functionality must be there. But I can't make any configuration
to the the domain accounts, which is obvious, because they are managed
by samba, not by the terminal server who is part of the domain. If the
samba server would be a Windows 2000 Server, there should be a field
"terminalserver profile" in the Active Directory User Manager.

But with Sambe I can only set one profile path!  How can I
configure the terminal-server-specific profile path?

Is it possible?

If not, there might be a different solution:
I could use variables like \\%L\profiles_%m\%u in the profile path, and
include the name of the machine there. But that would be not
so good, I don't want to have a separate set of profiles for every
machine, only two sets of profiles, one for XP, one for terminalserver!
Is there more flexibility with the variables? Can there be lookuplists
like Apache's rewriterules?

BTW: The %a variable seems to be no solution: It is reported to not work
for XP, and I want to update the terminalserver to .NET-server as soon
as they are released, and then %a would perhaps not differ between
XP and .NET-server (=Win XP Server)

Does anybody know a solution for my problem?


PS: Are there any problems with using roaming profiles, samba,
XP and terminal server together? Is there anything I must be aware of?
Are there better ways to achieve what I want?

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