How to *use* multiple GigE adapters into a single PC

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sun Jul 21 16:44:01 GMT 2002


On Friday I managed to get a single PC to suck down something like 117MB/s 
from a NetApp F840 using cifs-load-gen.

The only PC-like platforms that I can think of that would be able to 
[ab]use all the bandwidth available in two or more GigE adapters would be 
things like the AMD 760MPX-based mobos or some Intel mobos with multiple 
64-bit 66MHz PCI slots. Can anyone point to any others?

I know that Intel provide dual GigE channels on one card, so this would be 
a way to put four into one PC, but I am not sure you would have much 
memory bandwidth left over.

I want to find a way to test the multi=interface stuff I want to put into 
cifs-load-gen and find where its limits are from a load-generation point 
of view.

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