Using sendfile for reducing CPU utilization

Lev Iserovich lev at
Fri Jul 19 13:54:02 GMT 2002

Wait, I thought that under linux, if you enable kernel oplocks, you 
_can't_ change the file while its being sent, right?
Can you post a copy of your patch?
We're experimenting with sendfile here as well, but we're using a very 
old patch, posted around Feb. or so. Its pretty hacky.
We do see a drop of about 20-30% CPU utilization, and increase of about 
5-10MB/s (thats megabytes!) in bandwidth with sendfile, so having it 
officially in 2.2.6 would be really good for high-bandwidth fileserver 
boxes like ours.

(And is there a recvfile?? Never heard of that. Maybe BSD only?)



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