xmit size for samba client

Ralph Armstrong ralph at bustech.com
Fri Jul 19 13:53:02 GMT 2002

Can someone please tell me how the transmit size is determined on the 
samba client when smbmount is used?

I am running 2.2.5 samba.  Two Linux clients are connecting to the same 
Windows 2000 Server.

One client is RH7.1.  The other is RH7.3.   ethereal shows RH73 writes 
4096 byte blocks.  It uses 3 ethernet frames to do it and then the 
Windows Server sends an ack.

The RH7.1 client writes 630 byte blocks.  It obviously uses 1 ethernet 
frame to do it and then Windows Server sends an ack.

max xmit in smb.conf has no effect on either client.

I need to know if there is a way to control the size of the blocks being 

The RH7.1 is taking 3 times as long as the RH7.3 client on 1/2 gig 

Thank You.

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