RID <-> UID map file...why?

Ray Strode halfline at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Jul 3 06:15:02 GMT 2002

>>Hi everyone,
>>Why does winbindd use a tdb file that maps rid's to dynamically
>>generated uid's? I ask because with the 2.4 linux kernel uid's are
>>32-bit values, so it seems that the rid could be used for the uid and
>>gid directly.  Is this because rid's might conflict with system uid's (<
>>500) ?
>No.  this does not work with even two trust relationships.....
I decided to search archives after I sent the message, and I found this 

It mentions an interesting idea of reserving some of the bits for trust 
relationships and the majority for
rids.  Is it possible to extract the trust relationship from the sid? 
 Can that be hashed or would there need
to be a mapping file (which would default the purpose).

>>If i mount a common locks directory on all the machines, will all the
>>different winbind daemons coexist together?  Or will I end up with a
>>corrupted map file?
>We're working on this.....
Okay. Is there any other options to achieve what I want to achieve?  

Is getting things to coexist together going to be simple (just fcntl() 
the file) and you just haven't had time
to do it yet, or was there complications when (if?) you started working 
on it?  If it's just something simple,
that just hasn't been given priority because of more pressing issues, I 
could probably do it, if you want.

--Ray Strode

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