Samba CVS: - errors showing up in NT4 PDC eventlogs (buglet?)

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Thu Jan 31 13:42:05 GMT 2002

Ever since I started trying out the CVS builds a couple of weeks ago, our
NT4 SP6 PDC has been complaining:

The server received an incorrectly formatted request from \\SAMBA.

Where "\\SAMBA" is the only CVS build on our network (our other Samba boxes
are all 2.2.2 and show no such problem).

Other than that, it appears to work fine - but our NT admins are concerned
"Samba is breaking something again...".

[Always their gut-response to a non-M$ product. Boy, are they ever in M$
pockets! ;-)]

Anything I can do to find out the cause?

This is under Redhat 7.2, both with " -r HEAD samba" and 
" samba" 


Jason Haar

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Trimble Navigation Ltd.
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