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McIntosh, Qi QMcIntosh at Pirus.com
Fri Jan 25 10:51:04 GMT 2002

I am new to samba and CIFS. I am just trying to learn and understand how
samba/CIFS works. I saw some of the discussion about users without local
uid, but I also remember that samba support a client access file share on a
Samba server without having a account on the host Unix machine.
I am confused...
So reading the code of Samba head.  When ADS, kerberos are enabled,  how
does Samba support a client "session setup" request while the client doesn't
have a local account on the samba host?  
I assume that smb_getpwnam() will return NULL if the client doesn't have a
local account there. right?

If the client has an account in the MS domain, what is the way to get that
account information over? With NTLM,  NetrSamLogon to the domain controller
will get some of it, right?  I am guessing that with Active Directory, it
should be available via LDAP. Am I right?  Is there something I missed? 

Thanks very much for any information on this!

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