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Fri Jan 25 00:03:03 GMT 2002

"Srinivas, Mohan" wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Can any body suggests some links, tutorials, books, where I can get
> Information about following?
> *       SAMBA architecture diagram, architecture details, any information on
> the architecture.
> *       design aspects related to SAMBA

The Samba doco includes some details on our fork() based model (as
opposed to a threaded one) and the mailing lists archives are full of
'discussion' (if not much actual content) regarding the 'multi-deamon
architecture' that Samba-TNG ( took regarding RPC services
(some doco on

Samba HEAD's smbd operates as a single executable containing all
services offered, and does a fork() per incoming TCP connection. 
Increasingly we are moving towards allowing some plugability in that
design - and the passdb and authentication subsystem are compile-time
replacable with custom modules.  The Samba VFS allows runtime
replacement with loadable .so modules.

Samba manages nmbd as a single executable, without a fork() per client
because of its UDP transport base.

Other aspects of Samba design are purely historical/accidental, and some
areas desperately need replacement.

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