Hidden,System Attributes on Directories

ZINKEVICIUS,MATT (HP-Loveland,ex1) matt_zinkevicius at hp.com
Thu Jan 24 15:15:08 GMT 2002

My NT ACL patch (little more testing needed to release) adds an extended
attribute interface to samba's VFS. I use this to store NT ACLs and DOS
attributes. I plan to also store create-time and NTFS streams using this

Matt Zinkevicius
Software Engineer
Network Storage Array Solutions

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> Subject: RE: Hidden,System Attributes on Directories 
> Under Linux it'd make more sense to store the DOS attributes 
> as extended
> user attributes, but obviously that wouldn't be portable.  
> There are other
> problems with doing it the way it's currently done...for example, if a
> program manages to set the execute bit on a file, the file 
> becomes hidden.
> Photoshop does this for some bizarre reason.
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> Subject: Hidden,System Attributes on Directories 
> Setting Hidden, System, or Archive bits on DIRECTORIES does not work
> (Samba Ver 2.2.2) .  We have it working fine for files, where is maps
> those permissions to the X flags under Unix.  However, 
> directories on Unix
> require those bits for normal operation, so they would have 
> to be mapped
> to some other bits (probably suid, sgid and sticky bits) for 
> directories.
> Unfortunately, I can find no configuration parameters that 
> discuss this
> issue.
> [the only other option I can see would me to have a secret 
> look-aside file
> that stored these setting out-of-band]
> Would someone(s) please comment on this issue?  Has it been addressed
> previously?  Am I just missing something obvious?
> Thanks!

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