FW: Install/configure SAMBA in Compaq's (digital) TRU64Unix syste ms

Vaitla, "Ram" Ramam ramam.vaitla at mwrdgc.dst.il.us
Thu Jan 17 11:42:29 GMT 2002

----NO Bugs --  I need some info about SAMBA  which hardware/software

> Is samba software works for Compaq's TRU64Unix systems?  I am using
> Compaq's alpha systems w/TRU64unix 5.0a operating systems.  All my users
> using NT servers/work stations for desktop applications.  I would like
> configure one of the folder in unix system to use NT users to update,
> create files in UNIX folder.
> I could not find  SAMBA software distribution for  Digital or compaq's
> TRU64UNIX operating systems.
> Please advise.
> Regards
> Ram Vaitla

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