netbios over tcp/ip on samba

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Jan 15 14:30:16 GMT 2002

> christopher,
> just correting one thing that i said :
> "i need to comunicate one program (runnind on DOS (not on windows) -
> i already have this running ok) to another one running in linux using
> netbios (datagram) over tcp/ip."

Ah.  The datagram service...

> could the samba help us in this case ?

No.  Not in its present form.

> i'm trying to undestand better what you said about the scenario that would
> work. in other words, how do i :
> - do a name registration request on samba ?

Currently, you don't.  Samba is a closed system in that regard.  It does
not provide a mechanism for accessing the NBT layer.

> - make a aplication receive messages from samba ? (must the aplication
> listen to a specific port ?)

Again, there is no way to do this with Samba as it stands.  I was talking 
about possible architectures, possible designs.

NBT datagrams are exchanged via port 138/UDP.  Samba has this port open, 
meaning no other program can open it.  Samba does not currently offer a 
mechanism for passing along packets.

> - what port should i use to comunicate with samba ?

I have been trying to write down what I know about the workings of NBT.  
It might be best if you take a look at the docs I've written.

You want the NetBIOS chapter.

It seems that you have an understanding of NetBIOS.  It is important that
you also understand how NBT was designed (in RFC1001/1002).  Once that's 
a little clearer, it will be easier to understand what Samba did in 
implementing the NBT layer.

Basically, though, Samba's NBT layer is closed.  You cannot access it 
from the outside.

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