(Lack Of) Resilience Of WINS Registration

Boyce, Nick nick.boyce at eds.com
Tue Jan 15 08:54:31 GMT 2002

On 15Jan2002, Chris Hertel wrote :

> Nick Boyce wrote :
>> then our Sambas all drop off the map until we
>> notice (the phone calls coming in !) and restart nmbd on all the Samba
>> boxes.
> Hmmm...  Have you tried just sending a HUP.  I don't know if that will 
> work... just a thought.

No - never tried that - I will tho' next time it happens, and will report
back.  I usually just kill & restart nmbd - does that have any unfortunate
side-effect ?   (I suppose a useless election will occur ...)

> I think, though, that the issue has more to do with Browsing than with
> WINS.  The symptom your users see... are the Samba servers 'disappering' 
> from the Network Neighborhood?

No it's real basic registration that disappears.  Some of these Unixen are
Apache webservers, and the web authors are used to surfing them using URLs
of the form http://unixboxnetbiosname (from their Windows PCs) rather than
the full DNS name.  Those URLs cease to work, long before anyone notices
that the boxes have also disappeared from Network Neighbourhood.


Nick Boyce
EDS Southwest Solution Centre, Bristol, UK

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