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Mon Jan 14 21:45:28 GMT 2002

Pranay wrote:
> Hi,
>     I think ur right. just tell me onething, what I'm thinking is in Linux u
> can login through different terminals right...??? suppose say I logged in to
> one Linux machine using my username...another person came & he logged in using
> his user name. so at a time there r two terminals r opened rt...??? now lets
> come to the point...if say person X wants to send message to me & he sends
> message from Wondows machine using net send (its just a logic i'm thinking
> about), then that message is supposed to reach @ my terminal rt...??? now
> there's only one Linux machine sharing same NetBIOS name. if that message sent
> successfully then it must get appeared on all opened it
> correct...??? & the person want to send that message to me only...!!!
>     Is there any solution for this...scenario...??? & if yes Please let me
> know it.

Samba does not advertise who is logged in on a box via netbios.  As such
you could not do a net send with a username.  Samba uses whatever
program you define in your smb.conf to inform you of an incoming
message.  If you don't set it up, I think it just drops it on the floor.

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