netbios over tcp/ip on samba

Pranay abex at
Mon Jan 14 21:34:04 GMT 2002

    I think ur right. just tell me onething, what I'm thinking is in Linux u
can login through different terminals right...??? suppose say I logged in to
one Linux machine using my username...another person came & he logged in using
his user name. so at a time there r two terminals r opened rt...??? now lets
come to the point...if say person X wants to send message to me & he sends
message from Wondows machine using net send (its just a logic i'm thinking
about), then that message is supposed to reach @ my terminal rt...??? now
there's only one Linux machine sharing same NetBIOS name. if that message sent
successfully then it must get appeared on all opened it
correct...??? & the person want to send that message to me only...!!!

    Is there any solution for this...scenario...??? & if yes Please let me
know it.

Thanx in advance


"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:

> Tony,
> Samba implements the NBT layer.  Specifically, the NBT packet management
> required to perform NetBIOS over TCP.  Samba *does not* implement the
> NetBIOS API.  The NetBIOS API itself is not required for SMB and the point
> of Samba is SMB.
> There has been talk of writing a NetBIOS API tool but, as it turns out,
> very very few people would actually find such a thing useful.  It would be
> more useful to provide access to the NBT layer via a better, simpler API.
> Samba does not (yet) do this.
> I say "yet" because it is an area of interest for me.  If it can be made
> to work without in any way compromising Samba's performance or security
> then I may see if I can add it in.  That is a very, very big set of "if"s.
> As I said, there is really no need for Samba itself to provide access to
> the NBT layer.  I would need to justify any such change--first to myself
> and then to the rest of the team--before adding anything new.  This is
> reasonable.  We need to serve the largest number of users, and breaking
> big things to add small things doesn't make sense.
> Anyway, as I think of it... I think I see how it might be done.  Samba
> currently supports File and Print shares.  I would need to add a new share
> type.  This would work for NetBIOS Sessions, anyway.  The new share type
> would work something like inetd, launching a pre-defined (in smb.conf)
> program when a connection request was made and exchanging data via a UNIX
> domain socket.  That back-end program would get the full packet,
> including the NBT header, so that we could multiplex multiple connections
> using the NetBIOS name.
> Anyway, that's my first-draft design.  For more on the workings of
> NetBIOS over TCP (NBT) see:
> ...just some stuff I'm writing.
> Chris -)-----
> > i need is to develop two applications, to communicate to each other
> > using API netbios over tcp/ip for linux.
> > the client application will be running on windows and the server
> > application will be running on linux.
> >
> > the scenario is :
> > a client program (running on windows) that sends messages (using
> > netbios over tcp/ip) to a server application (running on linux redhat
> > 7.1 or 7.2).
> >
> >  i know that the netbios over tcp/ip is implemented, in linux, by
> > samba.
> >
> > but i didn't find anything that seems like the netbios functions that
> > i used for windows/os2.
> >
> > what i need is to know how i do this things in linux :
> > - add netbios name
> > - send and receive messages
> > - remove netbios name
> >
> > can you help me ?
> >
> > thank's in advance.
> > tony ;-)
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