Proposal to add ldap flexability in DIT layout

Michael Cunningham archive at
Mon Jan 14 19:58:03 GMT 2002

Dear Samba developers,

I have samba 2_2_2 up and running with ldap. 
It seems to be working )well, Still testing however. 
Anxiously awaiting 3.0 beta:) 

One thing I have noticed is that I can only specify
one suffix for the base of the DIT tree. 

ldap suffix = "dc=xpedite, dc=com" 

This means that both computer accounts and people 
accounts end up in uid=something, dc=xpedite, dc=com

I would like to have the ability the place these two 
things in seperate locations and have a third suffix for 


People accounts in "uid=something, ou=people, dc=xpedite, dc=com"
Computer accounts in "uid=something, ou=computers, dc=xpedite, dc=com"
Search base is "dc=xpedite, dc=com"

Any future ldap accounts or group entries would be configurable where
they go in the tree as well. Does this sound doable? Sould be an easy
change right?

My DIT looks like this currently.. 

                  (dc=xpedite, dc=com)

Thanks a bunch,

Mike C.

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