(Lack Of) Resilience Of WINS Registration

Martin.Sheppard at csiro.au Martin.Sheppard at csiro.au
Mon Jan 14 16:31:55 GMT 2002

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> This is interesting...
> Um, what you could do on the NT side is put in redundant WINS servers.
> Do WINS replication between them.  That way, if one goes down it can
> rebuild from the other.

We have the same problem with WINS registrations disappearing here. We do
have redundant WINS servers and we do have replication between them and yet
we still have this problem.
> > Noticing Andrew Bartlett's "Current patch for DHCP discovery of WINS
> > servers" posting, I thought that if folks are working on the WINS
> > registration code, maybe I could submit this for consideration :
> >
> > context: We run a gaggle of (2.0.x) Sambas (mostly Unix, some VMS), all
> > registering their existence with our main corporate *NT* WINS servers so
> the
> > Windows users can find them - we don't run any Sambas as WINS servers in
> > their own right.
> We don't (yet) to WINS replication either.
> > then our Sambas all drop off the map until we
> > notice (the phone calls coming in !) and restart nmbd on all the Samba
> > boxes.

> Possibly, but not likely.  If the WINS server already knows the IPs of
> Samba boxes then the "tickle" would be a standard name query.  We do
> respond to those.  Also, if the WINS server knows the IPs of the
> clients...why does it not resolve them?
> I think, though, that the issue has more to do with Browsing than with
> WINS.  The symptom your users see... are the Samba servers 'disappering'
> from the Network Neighborhood?

Browsing is definitely not the issue for us, the problem is that the WINS
registration disappears. We solved the problem by setting up static WINS
registrations for all of our samba servers, but it would be nicer if samba
could handle this in the same way that NT does.

> > I think it would help the average commercial DP shop a lot if this could
> be
> > enhanced ...
> I'd need to understand the problem (and have more time).



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