NamedPipe DCE/RPC struct split

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Mon Jan 14 02:05:07 GMT 2002

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 02:38:07PM +1000, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Hi Luke, Hi All,
> Politics aside, i think a patch like this would be *very* useful to 
> somebody implementing NamedPipe server support in the Wine project 
> (like me :-) ).
> Samba Team: Wine can never be licensed under GPL, because it is 
> designed to run Windows binaries.

You are totally wrong here.
You could easily use a GPL-LGPL mixed licenses for WINE.

1. GPL do not require you to make a sw GPLed if it is linked against a system library, so libraries taken from windows need not to be relicenced as GPL
2: As for the kernel, you provide a system interface so I think it is resonable to say that programs that use your API's did not to be made GPL.
3: If you want to build some kind of compatibility libraries to compile windows programs against them, you can easily relicence these libraries as LGPL (this will not make them compatible with samba) and have windows binaries use them and link them without any problem.

So if you cleanly separate the WINE "kernel" and made it GPL and the wine libraries you need to compile windows programs and made them LGPL, it could be done.
It is just a matter of choicing this model.

But this is a bit OT in this list, I wanted just to avoid FUD on licences on this list.
Please do not reply on this topic on this list, as this is a technical list and we had been off-topic a lot lately.


> I'm happy to implement SMB client 
> code for Wine, but named pipe servers cannot co-exist with Samba 
> without co-operation. If we interoperation, it needs to be done
> through 
> IPC, not by linking.
> Luke, i'd encourage you to remove all the TODO's from the patch, then 
> present it as a clean, issue free patch against Samba HEAD. It might 
> help if you try to make it acceptable by their standards...
> It would be really *nice* to be able co-operate with Samba. I don't
> really 
> mind if it is through a patch written by Tridge or by lkcl.
> regards,
> Mike
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