NamedPipe DCE/RPC struct split

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Sun Jan 13 20:42:02 GMT 2002

Hi Luke, Hi All,

Politics aside, i think a patch like this would be *very* useful to 
somebody implementing NamedPipe server support in the Wine project 
(like me :-) ).

Samba Team: Wine can never be licensed under GPL, because it is 
designed to run Windows binaries. I'm happy to implement SMB client 
code for Wine, but named pipe servers cannot co-exist with Samba 
without co-operation. If we interoperation, it needs to be done
IPC, not by linking.

Luke, i'd encourage you to remove all the TODO's from the patch, then 
present it as a clean, issue free patch against Samba HEAD. It might 
help if you try to make it acceptable by their standards...

It would be really *nice* to be able co-operate with Samba. I don't
mind if it is through a patch written by Tridge or by lkcl.



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