[BUG] pam_winbind does not work with latest CVS HEAD

Alexander Bokovoy a.bokovoy at sam-solutions.net
Thu Jan 10 10:37:02 GMT 2002

Today's (Jan, 10th) CVS HEAD produces non-working pam_winbind. More
specifically, authentication mode does not work correctly in
At pam_sm_authenticate() auth_conversation(pamh) call below returns 
PAM_CONV_ERR while it worked fine on Jan, 5th. No other changes 
were introduced on this box.

Any ideas?
     if ((ctrl & PAM_USE_AUTHTOK_ARG) == 0) {
	 /* Converse just to be sure we have the password */
	 retval = auth_conversation(pamh);
	 if (retval != PAM_SUCCESS) {
	     _pam_log(LOG_ERR, "could not obtain password for `%s'",
	     return PAM_CONV_ERR;

/ Alexander Bokovoy
$ cat /proc/identity >~/.signature
  `Senior software developer and analyst for SaM-Solutions Ltd.`
Nov 21 20:58:58 alconost kernel: VFS: Busy inodes after unmount. 
		    Self-destruct in 5 seconds.  Have a nice day...

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