A tricky problem with Eudora and samba

Dave Edwards davo at chunga.apana.org.au
Wed Jan 9 03:05:03 GMT 2002


I've just upgraded my OpenBSD box to 3.0 and the new samba 
version, 2.2.1a.  The old version I was using was samba 2.0.7.

Everything seems fine except for one odd problem with Eudora 4.3.2
and 5.1.  I have a couple of Windows 98 workstations here and so
I keep the Eudora mail files in the users home directory on the
unix box.

Eudora seems fine popping mail and moving email around mail folders
but it just won't send emails.. 

When I send an email (according to the samba logs) it opens the 
Out.mbx file but then it wedges for exactly 45 seconds.   Network 
sniffing shows it connecting to the share (netbios_ssn) but never to 
the SMTP server.

The msg box reads:
Could not read from file p:\mail\Out.mbx
Cause: The request contains an invalid argument (22)

It then opens the eudora log file and puts the above info into it.

It seems then that Windows looses it's way a bit, because the
after dismissing the msg box, windows re-connects to the share
and re-authenticates.

It's got me stuffed.  Perhaps there is a config option that has
changed between the two samba versions.

Anyone got any ideas?

I guess I'll re-install the older samba versions if I can't get
anywhere with this.


Dave Edwards  	           
davo at chunga.apana.org.au || davo at sa.apana.org.au
Adelaide, South Australia                  

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