dce/rpc named pipes port domination

Lukas Smith smith at dybnet.de
Wed Jan 9 04:47:03 GMT 2002


just some oberservations from a samba user that has never looked at a
single line of the code: yes there are "kernel" web servers, but they
are not shipped as default and tux for example has a facility to hand
over anything to another web server such as apache

samba is not a project to fork from easily, if at all
samba is huge and samba is way too established

samba is one of the key linux (open source) projects (imho)
so if samba prevents other projects from working when installed (as
default) then those projects will probably not suceed you can't compete
with samba .. take this as a compliment but this also means that you
have to make it easy enough to coexist with samba because the other
project will not be able to say: if you want to use our stuff you need
to use our hacked version (probably impossible to keep uptodate) of

from what I have gathered samba does include a lot of pieces that other
projects could really use of course seperating everything cleanly will
always create additional work but it also enables more developers to
work on each of the components (because its not a monolith anymore and
those other projects will of course also have an interest in advancing
-atleast testing- the components they use)

For me the job of a good programmer is to make sure that if he gets hit
by a bus someone can pick up his work as quickly as possible. Seperating
Samba into several cleanly seperated components will definitely help

As to using 3rd party components in places where the Samba team as build
their own alternative: This obviously takes a lot of technical expertise
to judge on. I tend to believe that it makes the most sense to focus
efforts and not to "waste" time on extending something other people
allready have done. Then again the current method might be better for
performance. An Homogenous IT world would also be dangerous (that what
we have with Microsoft). It definitely adds a dependance that might
create more work (API changes but that do not add any useful
functionality for samba for example). So in the end you will have to
weight the advantages and disadvantages.

those are just observations
since I do not know enough about all of this I can't really judge of
samba does "dominate" those ports

I hope these obversations are helpful and I have not made a complete
fool of myself.

Best regards,
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