Win98 connection - MS quality/compability

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Mon Jan 7 04:05:02 GMT 2002

> > Why should they ?
> > They are following the RFC, aren't they ? ;)
> As your wink suggests... No, Microsoft's implementation does 
> *not* follow 
> the RFCs.  There are implementation errors.

So Samba have to make things "compatible" then ? ;)
> > But they will behave now after the DOJ verdic ? =D
> The deadline for comments is January 26th.
> Regarding this thread:  The fact that W/NT and W2K, etc, can 
> connect to 
> smbd when nmbd is not running is the result of NT and 2K 
> being kludged to 
> work.  Nmbd creates the NBT virtual LAN that should exist to 
> support the

Do we have an sniffer output ?

> Knowing a good deal about the NBT layer, however, I would say that it
> should be very easy to get the session service to work 
> without nmbd.  In 
> fact, SMB over native TCP/IP (port 445) does essentially that.

Still on my "totest" list ;)
> So, do another trace and watch particularly on ports UDP/137 and 
> UDP/138.  My bet is that W/9x is doing as Andrew B suggests:  
> some sort 
> of NetBIOS query (adapter status, most likely).  I'd further 
> guess that 
> W/9x is doing this to try to find the service name (looking 
> for a <20> 
> name in the name list).  When it doesn't get a response, it 
> gives up.  
> W/NT and W2K will try the "*SMBSERVER" name in the session setup.

Always wonderd about the UDP 138 thing..

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