problems to port the 2.2.2 version to nsr-tandem-nsk. Have you some solutions and comments ?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Jan 4 16:21:05 GMT 2002

Jean-François COUÏC wrote:
> Hello,
> Actually i try to port the samba-2.2.2 version to the NSR-TANDEM-NSK.
> So i download the latest stable version and go.
> Some problems stop me on the configure script :
>     - the config.guess use is not the latest from the gnu
>        ->> i download the config.guess from the gnu and continue

I've added the latest (as of early december) config.guess in HEAD.

>     - some of security API (setresuid et setresgid) trap to inspect (fall in
> debugging mode)
>     during the configuring script
>         ->> i do correction to the script generation for the conftest.c
>             Add the use of define detection for this functions
>     - snprintf vsnprintf trap to the inspect..
>         ....

So are you saying that you have these functions, but the configure isn't
picking them up, or...?   Samba needs certain functions to allow it to
assume the identity of a user (for the duration of a smb call) before
returning to root again - does your os provide this functionality?

As to the snprintf stuff, samba attempts to find a C99 compliant
snprintf, and if not found it will replace it.
>     And problems continue.
> Actually i would like to have a configure script that not stop because of a
> trap.
> I correct problems that i found.

Its sounding like your compiler is doing something strange...  Many of
the 'programs' created during configure are designed to *fail*, they
will either not run, or run and fail.  This allows the configure script
to tell if certain functionality is available.  Your compiler certainly
shouldn't be launching a debugger or anything like that, it should just
say 'sorry, i can't do that' and continue.
> Is anyone of this list know how to submit these corrections to the samba
> team or the samba project ?

Send patches to samba-patches at, but read first.

> Is anyone have comments to define this port ?
> I continue the port to the nsr-tandem-nsk for the 2.2.2.
> Any comments or responses are welcome.

If you want to mess about with HEAD I'll be in a position to apply
legitimate patches - but I think you have bigger problems at the moment.

Andrew Bartlett

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