problems to port the 2.2.2 version to nsr-tandem-nsk. Have you some solutions and comments ?

Jean-François COUÏC jfcouic at
Fri Jan 4 14:38:01 GMT 2002


Actually i try to port the samba-2.2.2 version to the NSR-TANDEM-NSK.
So i download the latest stable version and go.

Some problems stop me on the configure script :
    - the config.guess use is not the latest from the gnu
       ->> i download the config.guess from the gnu and continue
    - some of security API (setresuid et setresgid) trap to inspect (fall in
debugging mode)
    during the configuring script
        ->> i do correction to the script generation for the conftest.c
            Add the use of define detection for this functions
    - snprintf vsnprintf trap to the inspect..

    And problems continue.

Actually i would like to have a configure script that not stop because of a
I correct problems that i found.

Is anyone of this list know how to submit these corrections to the samba
team or the samba project ?
Is anyone have comments to define this port ?

I continue the port to the nsr-tandem-nsk for the 2.2.2.
Any comments or responses are welcome.


Jean-François COUÏC development

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