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J.W. Hoogervorst J.W.Hoogervorst at uva.nl
Tue Jan 1 11:17:02 GMT 2002

Hello, listmembers! Happy new year!

Here I am again, with your weekly bugreport ;-)

I now have a more or less running samba PDC, that's giving some funny results in the
usermanager: when I map more than one of the NT groups "Domain {Admins, Users,
Guests}" to any of my linux groups (with smbgroupedit), user manager starts to display
funny random group names (group names like "52", but also groupnames that don't
consist of alphanumeric characters). At the same time the other long-SID names
disappear. These names keep changing even though I leave the PDC alone after the
mapping. Smells like a buffer overflow, I just can't find it.

Another thing I am seeing, but of which I am not completely sure it's a bug in the
software or just a misconfiguration: When I try to install a printer, all goes ok just until
the end after the uploading of the printer driver, where it simply says "access denied".
At the same time I see in the log it can't find the share. Funny enough *I* can see it ;-)
(Yes, I did add "add printer command", and it does a
"echo blabla; echo more blabla >> smb.conf", so the share does get created, I just
think smbd sees its' own share too late, and then does what the docs say: return
access denied).

Any hints? Just for completeness: I am running the usermanager for domains from
windows NT on an Windows XP Pro machine, which is a domain member, with me
logged in as administrator (aka root). No problems like that with other, microsoft
driven domains.

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