Fwd: Samba and referrals in LDAP

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Wed Feb 27 07:59:03 GMT 2002

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
 > Is this OpenLDAP specific?  Or a general feature of the standard
I think is standard (from RFC 2251):
4.1.11. Referral

    The referral error indicates that the contacted server does not hold
    the target entry of the request.  The referral field is present in an
    LDAPResult if the LDAPResult.resultCode field value is referral, and
    absent with all other result codes.  It contains a reference to
    another server (or set of servers) which may be accessed via LDAP or
    other protocols.  Referrals can be returned in response to any
    operation request (except unbind and abandon which do not have
    responses). At least one URL MUST be present in the Referral.

    The referral is not returned for a singleLevel or wholeSubtree search
    in which the search scope spans multiple naming contexts, and several
    different servers would need to be contacted to complete the
    operation. Instead, continuation references, described in section
    4.5.3, are returned.

         Referral ::= SEQUENCE OF LDAPURL  -- one or more


Also, the follow referrals may be implemented in the server-side but in
this case should be transparent to the client.

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