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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Thu Feb 21 17:22:04 GMT 2002

Bolke de Bruin wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering how easy it is to make the RPC framework in a separate
> program. So to make it possible to register to a RPC call. This would
> allow for eay extensibility. Maybe even a library which would wrap
> around the functions needed.
> I am asking this because I am in the middle of documenting the communication
> between Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Clients, so we would be
> able to code an exchange replacement (including the collaboration).
> As a lot of it takes place over MS-RPC I think it would be nice if we would
> be able to support both (eg SAMBA en the Exchange Replacement) on
> one server.

Samba is moving (very slowly - people are pretty busy atm) towards
having a named pipes plugin interface.   Samba-TNG likes to claim that
they already have this - but I'm not convinced how easily other projects
could actually use it, and if you are trying to run a fileserver on the
same host, samba.org is the better choice.

> The register-framework would allow other small programs to register for RPC
> server for their own calls.
> If it is not possible right now, would it make sense to change it so it would
> be possible?

Yes, it is.  The current proposal is that we allow external projects to
create loadeable modules for samba, that implement the required
functionality.  The Samba-TNG folk want to create a module that talks on
their named pipes system (they have independed RPC deamons).  Either of
these approaches would probably be useful to you - so stay tuned and
express positive interest when it next turns up on the lists.

If you actually want to propose a patch that implements this then even
better!  (not that is is an easy job).

Andrew Bartlett

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