RPC class/bindings

Bolke de Bruin bolke at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 21 16:45:04 GMT 2002


I am wondering how easy it is to make the RPC framework in a separate
program. So to make it possible to register to a RPC call. This would
allow for eay extensibility. Maybe even a library which would wrap
around the functions needed.

I am asking this because I am in the middle of documenting the communication
between Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Clients, so we would be
able to code an exchange replacement (including the collaboration).
As a lot of it takes place over MS-RPC I think it would be nice if we would
be able to support both (eg SAMBA en the Exchange Replacement) on 
one server.

The register-framework would allow other small programs to register for RPC 
server for their own calls.

If it is not possible right now, would it make sense to change it so it would 
be possible?

Bolke de Bruin

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