CRLF / LF conversion

Alexey Kotovich a.kotovich at
Thu Feb 21 07:42:10 GMT 2002

Hi all!

I think that it isn't duty of SAMBA to convert files from one format to 
another. Such way someone can say: "I have no MS word on my machine, let's 
convert MS Word files into PDF on the fly!"
I think that *applications* must take care about file formats conversion 
Reason: conversion of file is up once and it doesn't require a lot of time 
and resources as if it might be required when we try to do it via SAMBA wich 
is processing a lot of request from users and servicing them at that time.
Thus, IMHO, 'CRLF/LF conversion' is offtopic here.

Alexey Kotovich.

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