Samba & DMCA

Maksim Yakubenko yak at
Thu Feb 21 06:47:02 GMT 2002

>         1) Microsoft reversing their previous position
>            of encouraging use of the CIFS protocol,
>            and it's standardization by the IETF,

There is no need for that as Samba Project did some
reverse-engineering of some Microsoft-specific authorization 
protocols. Or I missed something ?

>         2) establishing  or interpreting portions of
>            the protocol as "anti-circumvention"
>            measures, and

I don't really understand this. That does this mean?

>         3) commencement of a suit against a team
>            they have in the past supported, including
>            flying members to the first SMB conferences.

I think there is no problem for Microsoft. They prove it
many times


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