Samba & DMCA

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Feb 21 04:46:19 GMT 2002

Maksim Yakubenko wrote:
> As of February 19, 2002 open-source project at
> was shut down by Blizzard Entertainment.
> will the Samba project be next ?

	Tht would require three things:
	1) Microsoft reversing their previous position
	   of encouraging use of the CIFS protocol,
	   and it's standardization by the IETF,
	2) establishing  or interpreting portions of
	   the protocol as "anti-circumvention" 
	   measures, and
	3) commencement of a suit against a team
	   they have in the past supported, including
	   flying members to the first SMB conferences.

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