Printing is buggy under 2.2.3a + Win2KSP2.

Anton N. Breusov antonz at
Thu Feb 21 04:26:05 GMT 2002


I have following problem:
When I'm printing from Windows 2000 SP2 (Russian) clients
(with or without SP2 Service Rollup package)
to printer HP LJ 1100 connected to Samba server
(FreeBSD 4.4-STABLE, Samba 2.2.3a, LprNG printing system, SPOOLSS enabled)
than I can successfully print, upload or download
printer drivers from/to clients, but cannot set
special post-processing options such as "Print 4 pages in 1"
zooming or even Paper orientation. For example, when I
set options in Word printing window, then press "Close"
and again open Printer Properties window all options are
reset to default values. In 2.2.2 all seems working.
I'm using latest Win2K printer drivers from HP.

I can send smb.conf contents or level 3 logs (very big ;-) )
if neeeded.

Maybe this is new super-bug^H^H^Hsorry, feature introduces
in this SP2SRP1 patches pack (it was installed almost at same time
with Samba 2.2.3a upgrade)?

Anton N. Breusov 'Antonz', AB21-UANIC, AZ3884-RIPE.
Spam-boxes: antonz at , antonz at

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