winbindd architecture

Yuval Yeret yuval at
Wed Feb 20 23:43:01 GMT 2002

Tim Potter Wrote:
> Nmbd needs to be running on the local system as there are some lookup
> requests send by winbindd that are sent by Windows NT domain 
> controllers
> to the incorrect port which is a bug in Windows.  Nmbd receives these
> packets and stores them in a database (unexpected.tdb) which winbindd
> reads from.

Let's say I have a shared file system between the systems where nmbd and
winbindd is running, and I'm using virtual IPs so the source IP of the
request from winbindd is the same as the IP of the nmbd, It seems
possible to have the nmbd write the packets to unexpected.tdb and then
have winbindd use that file as if it was local.
Any reason (beyond the virtual IP stuff, which I guess I'll have to
check out and see whether I can hack enough) why this shouldn't work ? 

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