Samba 2.2.3 and offline folders with W2K SP2

Beschorner Daniel Daniel.Beschorner at
Mon Feb 18 09:59:02 GMT 2002


Here is a scenario where Samba 2.2.3a fails, but 2.2.2 succeeds:

1. make a samba folder in W2K SP2 offline available
2. disconnect from network, go offline
3. create a sample file on client, i.e. a simple text file
4. you can access it
5. go online and synchronize files
6. still can access it
7. go offline again
8. "access denied" message appears when try to open the file offline

"nt acl support" doesn't matter, only two ways out: downgrade server to
2.2.2 or uninstall SP2 on client


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