Samba & Helios Ethershare Integration

David Koppenhoefer dkoppenhoefer at
Wed Feb 13 01:57:02 GMT 2002


we're a mac-based company with the occasional windows user, where the
macs are served by the helios ethershare afp server, and the PCs by

We decided to patch samba to achieve some degree of integration, that is
1. map filename encoding and handle 'forbidden' characters (path
separators etc)
2. be nice to the macintosh resource fork when doing directory
operations from a samba client
3. append a filename suffix depending on the mac type and creator, only
visible on samba clients.

I'd like to submit that patch, if only not to have to re-patch whenever
we switch to a new samba version... what do you say?

Here's some implementation details:

Currently the encoding mapping only maps between dos code page 437 resp
850, and MacRoman, and it's hardcoded. 

Configuration of the mapping is global rather than per volume. The
server inspects the ethershare configuration to find out what parts of
the file system are served as ethershare volumes. The implementation
does not (yet?) use vfs modules because development was started with
vfs-less 2.0.7 (and I had problems using vfs on Solaris with 2.2.0).


P.S. Partly this could be extended to another go at samba netatalk
integration. I only had a first look, but the encoding problem seems to
be the same, filename suffix handling would be a straighforward port,
only the resource fork management is entirely different: this humble
patch heavily relies on helios tools (namely /usr/local/es/dt).


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