cannot print using 2.2.3a (2.2.2 worked)

Gerald Carter jerry at
Mon Feb 11 06:11:07 GMT 2002

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Bernhard Hornung wrote:

> Today I tried to upgrade our 2.2.2 samba PDC to 2.2.3a. 
> Unfortunately the NT clients are no longer able to print to a samba served 
> printer. Switching back to samba 2.2.2 cured the problem.
> Some details:
> Our samba server is a Red Hat 6.2 Linux box. It is set up as PDC. The printer 
> is a HP 4100 and the printer drivers are uploaded to the print$ share.  
> When we try to print from any application (we tried notepad and winword), the 
> event log of the NT box is filled up with the following messages (translated 
> from German)
> Print driver HP LaserJet 4100 PCL 6 for Windows NT x86 Version-2 was added or 
> or updated. Files:-
> \\HOMER\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF0422.DLL,
> \\HOMER\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF0420.DLL,
> \\HOMER\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF0424.PMD.

We just noticed this bug.  Sorry.  No idea what the fix is yet, but wat 
samba-cvs for checkins

chau, jerry

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