NetServerEnum2 and looking for dc

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Mon Feb 11 00:24:03 GMT 2002

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Steven French wrote:

> That function was meant to find primary domain controllers not just any
> logon server (although the function is slightly less useful in Windows 2000
> since all domain controllers are primary domain controllers - no more
> BDCs).  Although it may have been used by a pam module (which is now
> obsolete) which looked for PDCs first (then failing that - look for backup
> domain controllers), there really were cases in the NT and OS/2 world (ie
> when not using active directory APIs) where you had to find the primary
> domain controller - so you could determine the correct target of certain
> RPC and RAP calls (like "NetUserAdd" and "NetUserDelete" for example) that
> needed to go to the primary and would fail to backup domain controllers or
> additional servers.

So maybe I should write separate function or (better) extend cli_get_pdc_name
to accept one more argument -- appropriate constant to describe what we're
looking for ? The latter sounds more acceptable since I'd like to avoid
too much redundant code.

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