NetServerEnum2 and looking for dc

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Sun Feb 10 16:42:03 GMT 2002

Jim McDonough wrote:
>>While working on trusted domains, I've noticed that cli_get_pdc_name
>>function (libsmb/clirap2.c) using NetServerEnum2 call looks only for
>>Primary Domain Controller and not for Backup Domain Controller.
>This is a function that never gets
>The best explanation I can give is: it was for some other work we were
>doing, didn't finish, but I don't quite remember what it was anymore.
Also, cli_get_server_domain() and cli_get_server_type() aren't used.  I'm
starting to clear away some cobwebs and dust, and I think the lid of the
box says...OS/2.  I think it was for some OS/2-related work.  Anyway, feel
free to use these, modify them as you see fit, whatever.  Otherwise we can
chuck 'em.

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