[Samba] samba-nfs

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Wed Feb 6 08:21:15 GMT 2002

The only issue known to affect recent versions of samba and nfs is that you 
must not have your samba locks mounted via nfs as this causes 
havoc.  otherwise, you should be fine.

At 11:01 AM 2/6/02 -0500, Eli Kleinman wrote:
>Re: samba & NFS
>Is it ok to run samba and NFS on the same machine?
>I want to have a samba share for /data1 and a different NFS mount
>point for /data2, can samba and NFS co-exists on the same
>Solaris 8 x86 box, are there any known issues?
>Thanks in advance.
>morrisbend at yahoo.com
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