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Sure. It works fine. The only issue is if Samba and NFS are serving the same
file space. The access permission on the files is not easy to represent to
the users, when representing the settings of the opposite system. If the
file space is not shared, or if the permissions settings are very simple (as
most of them are), then there is no problem with this.

I can't speak specifically for Solaris. My platform is Linux. I would be
very surprised if there was a problem, though.

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Re: samba & NFS

Is it ok to run samba and NFS on the same machine? 

I want to have a samba share for /data1 and a different NFS mount 
point for /data2, can samba and NFS co-exists on the same 
Solaris 8 x86 box, are there any known issues? 

Thanks in advance.
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