samba-2.2.3-pre and 'veto files'

epl at epl at
Sun Feb 3 15:10:09 GMT 2002

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Ingo Kilian wrote:

> older clients (dos 6.22 / wfw 3.11) refuse to list directory contents of
> a share (CVS samba-2.2.3-pre, linux 2.4.17, i386) which has set  'veto
> files=/.*/'. Error messages may be 'too many files' or 'error on drive',
> or application freezes. This is because access to '.' and '..' is
> vetoed.

   I've found using

   veto files = /.?*/

useful. The file ".." is stilled vetoed, but I've found the my clients
are happy with it. In addition, filenames like ".a" are also vetoed, but I
consider that an acceptable side-effect.

> Can't those entries be excluded from the 'veto files'-list
> automatically?


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