net rpc shutdown - how to poweroff

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Dec 29 00:49:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 06:37, Willi Mann wrote:
> Thanks for your fast answer but that's not the problem.
> rpc shutdown with windows2000 offers you four possibilities what you 
> want to do:
> -logoff current user
> -shutdown (which really shuts down w2k but doesn't power off)
> -reboot
> -power off (if supported) (which does what I want)
> and three methods how to deal with applications, which block the process:
> -never
> -when no reaction
> -always
> Window: my computer > administration > properties > extended > shutdown
> The windows api also knows these different methods (look for 
> exitwindowsex on m$dn).
> My problem is that remote shutdown from windows 2000 machines (german) 
> only works if the remote machine is in the same domain. The samba net 
> rpc shutdown command doesn't depend on that detail. However, it doesn't 
> solve my problem because I want to power off the machines to avoid disk 
> damage (8 hours but not more for "class C" drives says an Austrian IBM 
> branch) but that command doesn't offer you that different ways shutdown 
> methods.

Grab a sniffer, and figure out what Win2k does that Samba does not do. 
Then see if you can come out with a patch - there just might be a few
more flags in there we didn't know about.  

Andrew Bartlett

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