Windows NT PDC and Samba PDC cross subnet browsing?

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Fri Aug 30 10:02:01 GMT 2002


I have been searching for answers now more then a week, but I cannot find a proper solution.
Please help me with this:


Two differnet subnetted networks (1 and 2) connected by a cipe tunnel between two linux Samba boxes over the internet.
On network one (1) is a Windows NT PDC installed which currently is the DMB for it's domain (1).

On network two (2) one of the linux Samba tunnel boxes is a Samba PDC which currently is the DMB for it's domain (2).

WINS is installed on the NT server on network one (1).

I can ping all the computers from every subnet.
Every other command like "net view", nbtstat, etc works from every peer to every peer on both subnets.
I configured dhcp for all clients to use the NT WINS as their WINS server.

Now I only can browse both networks (workgroups 1 and 2) on the NT (1) network and not the other way arround.
The workgroup from network one (1) does not appear in network neighbourhood on network one (2).

Altough I can use the "search computer" function from windows to find one of the computers on the other end of the tunnel and then use windows explorer to view the complete workgroup, I would really like to be able to browse both networks on both ends of the tunnel trough the network neighbourhood.

If I switch the WINS server from the NT server to the Samba server it doesn't work either, I keep getting the workgroups in network neighbourhood in only one end of the tunnel and only one network on the other end.

Is this because the browse lists from the Samba PDC can not be synchronised with the browse list from the NT PDC?
I also tried all kind of possible combinations with the samba boxes to get the browse lists synchronised on both sides, but on the network where the NT PDC rules, the Samba will refuse to exchange his browse lists because it is not configured as a DMB (it say's), altough it has no problems to become the LMB.

Is the only solution to install Samba PDC's on both end's?
Or is there any other solution?

Please help me out here.

Thank you very much.


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