Patches to samba 3.0, alpha19 for Stratus VOS

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Wed Aug 21 16:24:00 GMT 2002

Jelmer Vernooij [mailto:jelmer at] writes:
> On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 05:03:21PM -0400, Green, Paul wrote 
> about 'Patches to samba 3.0, alpha19 for Stratus VOS':
> > I would like to propose the following patches to Samba 3.0,
> > alpha19 so that it will build a little easier on my system.  We
> > have a fairly strict POSIX-96 implementation that is missing a
> > few Unix-specific features.  Samba comes very close to building
> > cleanly, and with just a few more changes, is able to build on
> > VOS.  This is not the complete set of patches to get samba to
> > run on VOS; it is just the subset that I feel properly belongs
> > in the master code base.
> > I have tested these changes on Stratus VOS and on a Solaris
> > workstation.  samba-3.0-alpha19 builds fine on both platforms
> > with these changes.  None of these changes are VOS-specific; and
> > I believe they are safe for all of the Samba build platforms.
> Patch applied but without shortening the names. The problematic files
> are not necessary for samba to function properly anyway.

Thanks very much.  I appreciate it.  I thought that was probably true for
the last 4 files; is it also true for the sgml/html files?  Those files were
only 1 character over the limit...sigh.


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