oplock break errors in 2.2.6-pre1

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Aug 8 04:24:03 GMT 2002

Pascal wrote:

> This is exactly what I fear. Finding a bypass (oplock turned off) and not
> enough customers confirming this problem will certainly put this problem on
> the back of the bugs queue.
> I encourage all customers having problems like that to declare it on the lists
> so that we make the developpers realize it is a real samba killer problem !

Firstly, thankyou *very* much for your work on this problem - it's the
kind of nasty bug that is both hard to track down, and hard to

I think I've been bitten by it - finding a single smbd spinning and
everybody else 'stuck' buy that smbd.  I certainly favor a 'timeout' on
the locking database, to prevent the resource-starvation issue.

Anyway, your problem is not being ignored, but unfortunetly the people
who actually understand this stuff (tridge, jra in particular) are quite
busy - and probably havn't even seen the e-mails.   Unfortunetly the
symptoms from this bug and those from a dodgy network are similar, which
makes it easy to just 'brush aside'.

If you can do some more research, in particular in simplifying the
problem, it has a better chance that *sombody* will get a chance to look
at it.

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